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WiFi Extender Setup: Boost Your Connection with Ease

WiFi extender setup is the easiest way to boost your WiFi in today’s scenario. The device is all power packed with features that help in easy amplification, but without proper support, the same is not possible. We, at, ensure seamless WiFi range extender setup that just takes a short span of time for completion and operation. Our services are backed by a pool of talented and experienced professionals ensuring throughout support during the setup phase and even after that in case of requirement.

Amplify the Network Easily with WiFi Range Extender Setup

We support the entire procedure of NETGEAR WiFi range extender manual setup and hence you don’t need to worry about the technical know-how. We work as a one-stop solution, working from setting up the WiFi from the basic till making it operational. Amplifying the network cannot get easier than this

Set up a WiFi Range Extender

For WiFi extender setup, walk through the instructions below:

  1. Power on the extender.
  2. Turn on computer or laptop.
  3. Connect it to a reliable WiFi network.
  4. Open web browser of your choice.
  5. Enter in the address bar and hit Enter.
  6. A new page will open.
  7. Click on new extender setup button.
  8. Use word “password” as password and create an account.
  9. Click on the Login button.
  10. NETGEAR Genie setup page will display.
  11. A series of on-screen instructions will be shown.
  12. Follow them carefully and set up the extender.

Get a secure NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender Manual Setup with Proactive Services

We pioneer in the setting up wireless connection and offer the following services:

  • Complete setting up from scratch.
  • End-to-end solution provider in the setting up and installation.
  • Providing debugging issues as required.
  • Supporting the network to ensure smooth functioning.
  • Hassle-free setting up procedures.
  • Continuously providing support and help even after the entire procedure is completed.

Our services are backed by expertise that has an in-depth knowledge of the entire technology. Blended with technical knowledge as well as practical experience, our professionals boast of solving any level of issues during the process, giving us an edge in the market.

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The Best Solution for Your Network

Boosting a network with this technology is an easy and the best solution. A lot of bandwidth can be easily added without having the trouble of adding one more router or investing in large chunks of money. It helps you enjoy amplified network with ease.

Get more in less

NETGEAR WiFi range extender manual setup takes some time, but once it is installed, it offers a range of features. The wireless connection is boosted, and hence, many devices can get connected and enjoy the same bandwidth. Further, the need to install a new router is completely eradicated. All in all, a lot of benefits can be gained by just choosing this one step.

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At, we offer consultancy services, and hence, discuss your extender queries or requirement with us to get some valuable information. Ensure a detailed and personalized solution as per your needs.

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